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Plan 2 - How to find out your balance


Calculating your current outstanding balance

You can log in to your account and use the Balance Calculator to work out how much you have left to pay.

You will need to have details of all the deductions that have been taken from your pay or that you have paid to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) since we were last advised of your repayments through the tax system. The Balance Calculator will show you what information you need to supply to get an accurate balance.

The balance calculator does not give you a settlement figure. If you would like a settlement figure for your student loan, contact us on 0300 100 0611 or if you live in Wales 0300 100 0370.

Repayment deductions

Repayment deductions from your salary will be shown on your pay slips or your P60. You should keep these documents as we do not receive details of your repayments until after the end of each tax year.

It is important that you monitor your repayments and keep track of your balance so you know when you are due to finish repaying. This can help prevent you from paying back too much and having to claim a refund from us.

If you have a Plan 1 loan and a Plan 2 loan and you think you have repaid one plan type, you should call us. You’ll need to provide us with details of each student loan repayment amount you’ve made in the current tax year. These can be found on your weekly or monthly payslips, we can’t accept year to date figures (YTD).

If, from the information you give us, you have repaid one plan type, we’ll request that your employer only makes deductions based on the remaining plan type threshold.

Making extra repayments

You can make voluntary repayments by debit card at any time, directly to us, by using the Make a Payment service.

Any extra repayments won’t affect the amount you repay through your salary. So, if you’re employed and earning over the threshold, your employer will continue to take repayments from your salary.

If you repay through self assessment, you’ll still have to repay the amount based on your income for the year. You can’t get a refund of any amounts you repay voluntarily, unless you’ve finished paying off your loan and repaid too much.


Just before you are due to start repaying your loan you will receive a statement from us to advise you of your outstanding balance.

Once you are repaying your loan, through PAYE or Self Assessment (SA), we will issue a statement when HMRC have notified us of the payments you have made. This means you may not receive a statement from us annually.

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