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Plan 1 - Repaying through PAYE


When does repayment begin?

You will normally start making student loan repayments through the PAYE scheme from the April following the date you graduate from or leave your course.

How are repayments made?

Your employer(s) will be advised by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to calculate and deduct student loan repayments from your pay. These deductions will be shown on your pay slip so you can see how much is being paid back each pay period.

At the end of the tax year your employer(s) will advise HMRC of the total deductions they have made. HMRC have until the end of the new tax year to return this information to us, although most is received within 6 months. We will then apply your repayments to your account

We only receive details of your repayments after the end of the tax year so we advise that you keep your pay slips and P60, which is given to you by your employer(s) at the end of each tax year, as a record of the repayments you have made.

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