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Grant and Loan Overpayments


If you’re still studying or you’ve previously been in study, and we’ve contacted you about being paid too much (an overpayment), you should read this section.

What is a grant or loan overpayment?

When you apply for student finance, the entitlement you’re assessed for is for the full academic year ahead. Payment is then made in advance to help with costs such as rent and living expenses, as you study.

However, if your circumstances change (such as taking a break in your studies, leaving your course, changing your course or university or there’s a change in your household income), these changes can lead to a reassessment of your student finance. If your entitlement to student finance is reduced, it can result in you being paid too much. The overpaid amount is known as an overpayment.

Need more information?

You can find out more about grant and loan overpayments based on where you applied for your student finance:

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