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Mortgage Style Loans


What is a Mortgage Style Loan?

If you took out a student loan while on a university or college course that began before September 1998 you will have a Mortgage Style Loan. These loans were repayable over a fixed number of instalments, irrespective of the amount outstanding.

Who do I contact?

Repayments of these loans were previously collected directly by Student Loans Company (SLC) however all these loans are now owned by the following debt owners:

  • Thesis Servicing: 03330 045 045 or if you’re calling from overseas +44 292 080 8684
  • Honours Student Loans Ltd: 0844 826 7835 or if you’re calling from overseas +44 113 207 3154
  • Erudio Student Loans Ltd: 0333 003 7188 or if you’re calling from overseas +44 141 278 6114

For all queries relating to your Mortgage Style Loan(s) you should contact your debt owner directly.

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